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 Starting Guide: Character Sheets

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Kiara Raine
Kiara Raine

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Starting Guide: Character Sheets Empty
PostSubject: Starting Guide: Character Sheets   Starting Guide: Character Sheets I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 23, 2014 8:11 pm

Some things about the Character Sheet may be confusing to you.  If so, read on.  This guide assumes you have already gotten the Character Sheet template and are writing/creating a new topic.  You can get the Character Sheet template here.  Let's begin.

Step 1: The Name.  For this, just fill in your username (which should also be your character name).  (ex. Anna Dael)

Step 2: What Age?  Choose whatever age you would like your character to be.  Keep the age appropriate for what kind of character you want and their situation.  If your character will most likely be going on many adventures, making them a toddler or ancient may not be the best idea.  (ex. 13)

Step 3: Birthdays!  Pick a day and a month for your character's birthday.  Including the year is optional, but not required.  (ex. May 5th)

Step 4: Girl or Guy?  Choose which gender your character will be.  (ex. Female)

Step 5: Hair Colors.  Select a hair color.  Your character's hair can be any color with any pattern in it your heart desires.  But, if your character is has lived in the woods her whole life, it would make more sense to keep the color natural.  (ex. black with a pink streak)

Step 6: Hair Styles!  Decide what hair type your character will have.  It could be long and wavy, a ponytail, a short bob with bangs, or anything you can think of.  (ex. waist-length with shaggy bangs)

Step 7: Eyes Matter.  Choose the eye color (or colors) of your character.  Try to keep it fairly natural.  No natural scarlet red eyes, please.  (ex. right eye is sky blue, left eye is emerald green)

Step 8: Choose Your Clothing!  Pick out a full outfit for your character to start with.  Choose something that will be comfortable, practical, and makes sense for your character's lifestyle.  You can always get more clothing later in the Trading Roleplay forum.  (ex. black shirt; black skirt with pink stripes on the sides; black knee-length boots)

Step 9: Time to Accessorize!  If you want, choose some accessories for your character to begin with.  There are plenty of things to choose from, such as glasses, earrings, and bracelets.  This also includes equipment, for those of you who find themselves wanting a bow and arrows.  Books count as well, and so do animals (as long as they're smaller than you).  (ex. old dagger; pet snake; old mythology book)

Step 10: Strength Time.  What are your character's strengths?  Are they good at sword-fighting?  What about always being loyal?  Choose any sort of strengths you'd like.  (ex. fighting; sneaking around; blending in)

Step 12: Flaws, Flaws, Flaws.  Now you must decide what your character's weaknesses/flaws are.  No, you can't have a character with no flaws.  A good rule of thumb is to have at least as many weaknesses as there are strengths.  Your character may be too loyal and trusting, or stubborn and feisty, or horrible at any sort of sport.  (ex. gets into trouble a lot; always picks fights; is a chatterbox; is afraid of heights)

Step 13: Personalize Your Personality.  What kind of personality does your character have?  Is s/he funny or brave or shy or all three?  Are they headstrong?  Are they obedient?  (ex. loyal; sneaky; slightly crazy)

Step 14: Family Riches?  Decide on your character's family status/situation.  Remember, family can define or change the way a person acts.  Is your character's family rich or poor?  What is their family like?  Does your character have a family?  (ex. fairly rich and pretty much disconnected from her)

Step 15: Other Things?  This is the place to put other details about your character.  Maybe you have a drawing of them?  Maybe you would like to write a descriptive paragraph or comment on their status?  Or maybe you don't really have anything else to say about your character.  That's fine, too.  (ex. is very tall)

Step 16: Done!  Post your topic and wait for it to be approved.  It may take about a week for this to happen.  Sometimes you may be asked by an Admin or Mod to edit your Character Sheet before it is approved.  Once it's approved, it's time to start roleplaying!  

Your Character Sheet should now look something like this (substitute with your own details):

Name: Anna Dael
Age: 13
Birthday: May 5th
Gender: Female
Hair Color: black with a pink streak
Hair Type: waist-length with shaggy bangs
Eye Color: right eye is sky blue, left eye is emerald green
Clothing (1 starting outfit): black shirt; black skirt with pink stripes on the sides; black knee-length boots
Accessories: old dagger; pet snake; old mythology book
Strengths: fighting; sneaking around; blending in
Weaknesses/Flaws: gets into trouble a lot; always picks fights; is a chatterbox; is afraid of heights
Personality: loyal; sneaky; slightly crazy
Family Status: fairly rich and pretty much disconnected from her
Other: is very tall

If you have any questions, contact me or the other Oakden staff.  Enjoy your new character!  Very Happy
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Starting Guide: Character Sheets
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