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 Rules of Oakden

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Kiara Raine
Kiara Raine

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Rules of Oakden Empty
PostSubject: Rules of Oakden   Rules of Oakden I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 23, 2014 2:31 pm

1. Keep this forum family-friendly. That means no cussing, sexual content, or inappropriate actions (in character or out of character.) You will be banned if you break this rule.

2. NO excessive violence. No graphic descriptions of blood or battle. Saying that a battle was fierce and many were injured is much better than your gory description of how Billy got his eye gouged out by a fierce dragon. Remember, kids are on this forum as well. Depending on the offense, you may be banned permanently.

3. Do NOT spam us. No excessive advertising of other sites. If we find you guilty of spamming us, you will be banned.

4. Don't bully. If you wouldn't want someone saying it to you, don't say it to others. Depending on the offense, you may be banned.

Keep your roleplay posts a good length. Make your roleplay posts at least 5 sentences so the other role-players have something to work with. You will not be banned for breaking this rule, but the other roleplayers will appreciate you if you follow it.

Have the correct username format. Don't make your username something like turtle495. Your username is also the name of the character you'll be playing, and you don't generally see people with numbers in their names. Also, do NOT use names of already existing fantasy characters. Please, we do not need or want a character named Legolas here (Don't get us wrong, he's still awesome. He just does not have a part in Oakden). Instead, make your username something like Abe Smith or Tori King.

No Mary Sues. We aim to keep our community realistic, so no "perfect characters". Most people aren't good at everything in the world. So no exquisite elf who makes people faint at her beauty and has single-handedly saved the world a billion times and is a good artist and has no fears or weaknesses.

These are all the rules of our forum, and the moderators and administrators will enforce them. If you are unsure about anything, contact one of us and we'll try our best to help you.
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Rules of Oakden
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