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 The Terms of Oakden

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Kiara Raine
Kiara Raine

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The Terms of Oakden Empty
PostSubject: The Terms of Oakden   The Terms of Oakden I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 23, 2014 3:26 pm

Here are some commonly used terms in Oakden.

OOC: Out-Of-Character, meaning you are not roleplaying as your character.

IC: In-Character, meaning you are roleplaying as your character.

Character Sheet: The sheet every member must fill out in order to roleplay.

The Council: All the Administrators, Moderators, and a couple specially chosen members.  The Council reaches decisions about Oakden and help develop it further.

Oakden: The world in which all of our roleplays are set.

Mary-Sue: A pretty much universal term to describe 100% "perfect" characters with absolutely no flaws and extremely unreal strengths. Mary-Sues are generally frowned upon.

God-Modding: When any member attempts to completely control a roleplay and restricts other roleplayers' decisions and abilities. This can result in a warning or temporary ban.

If you have any more terms you would like us to define, post them below.  This topic will constantly be updated with new terms and their definitions.
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The Terms of Oakden
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